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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

pig intestines sausages ? Sushi King haram ???

i was reading through some random websites and blogs when i stumble upon an article. The article dated back to March 17, 2005 and it was a media statement made by the Angkatan Muda Malaysia regarding halal&haram issues in Malaysia. They asked the government to actually removed all products in which their halal labels validness are doubted. During this time, the most controversial issue regarding halal food was about the distribution of "halal" labelled sausages that used pig intestines as the sausage's cover.

According to a report by Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia(PPIM) and a few other related agencies, they had ambushed a sausage processing centre in Selayang and they themselves were stunned by their discoveries. The process of making sausages in that centre involved pig intestines.

Pig intestines or not, the factories still distributed them to the markets and i'm guessing it was real clear that they don't really care about the senstivity of the majority Muslims in this country.

After that, the PPIM through the media had listed 6 sausage brands that have been identified contains pig intestines. The 6 brands were...Gourmessa, Muller's Haus, Dew Fresh, Puteri, Miami Butcher House and Maspac. Moreover, most of this sausage brands were distributed high-class hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Few of the factories that distributed these sausages are Deluxe Food Services Sdn Bhd di Shah Alam (Gourmessa), German Delicatessen - Subang (Muller's Haus dan Dew Fresh), Puteri Pan Pacific(Puteri), Miami Butcher House - Batu Feringgi (Miami Butcher House), Omcorp Sdn Bhd - Bukit Angkat Kajang (Dew Fresh) and Pacific Refgerating Sdn Bhd (Maspac).

Note this one my friend...few of the hotels and restaurants that their sausages are doubted are Palace of Golden Horses, Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, Hotel Equatorial, Ikea Cafe, and Muller Sousage.

The PPIM was very strict and straigt-to-the-point about this. And i have to say that the Malaysian government should focused more on this kind of problems considering the fact that Muslims is the majority in Malaysia. The fact that the Malaysian government is not taking this seriously can be seen through JAKIM where there are only 6 officers working to prepare halal logos throughout Malaysia.

As for the title itself...im not sure whether it's true or not. But it is said that the sushis are dipped into 0.01% alcohol so that it could last longer and that is the reason why JAKIM didn't awarded them with halal logo. Plus Sushi King does serve beers to its customers right ?? I'm not so sure about this.. don't worry.. we'll go to the nearest Sushi King and ask for conformation as soon as possible. hope you guys get something from this post.....i know i do..haha~

p/s: have a nice day !!


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  2. thanks atta khan...
    we will access your halal products k..

  3. patutnya tanda halal di tempat makan yg slalu di kunjungi org ramai harus diberi penekanan..

    betul ke Sushi King xhalal? itu yg mjadi tanda tanya org ramai. knp walaupon tiada tanda halal, ia masih dikunjungi oleh org islam?

    bukankah seeloknya jika kesahihan terhadap kehalalan Sushi King itu diwar2kan kpd org ramai...

    dan lebih elok sekiranya produk2 makanan segera yg mengandungi produk tidak halal, sbg contohnya sosej, tidak diletak bersama2 dgn makanan yg halal bg mengelakkan kekeliruan..